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Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Erin Nicole Power creates pieces that connect the viewer with the urban and rural environments, highlighting areas of beauty, or commenting on concepts of concern. She is greatly influenced by the shapes, lines, and rhythms of a place she is in when making the work and hopes to communicate a shared experience with the viewer.


Erin was fortunate enough to be born into a quirky, artistic family, in which becoming an artist and educator was not outside of the realm of possibility and ‘normal’.  Growing up in a production print shop outside of Seattle, WA, USA, hand-setting type and doing digital layout and design exposed Erin to the need for design and art in a commercial setting and teaching her the foundations of art and design. 


After studying Art Education and Art History at Western Washington University, Erin has worked as an art teacher since graduating in 2004.  For the past ten years she has continued her artistic study through professional development with artists in the areas of drawing, painting, photography, and printmaking expanding her technical expertise and skills.


Erin’s work is held in private collections in the United States, Canada, and Turkey.



Email: enpower22@gmail.com

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